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Banksman / Traffic Marshall

For staff required to guide and assist in the movement of goods vehicles

Traffic Cone


There are times when the manoeuvring of large vehicles can be challenging, especially within confined spaces, or areas of high risk.

To assist our colleagues we offer our 1/2 Day Banksman / Traffic Marshall course for people who may be called upon to assist operators in the movement of their vehicles within such spaces.

This course is designed to give the candidate an understanding of the complexities of carrying out difficult manoeuvres within our places of work, a review of the legislation, the tools and skills needed to assist a vehicle operator and the confidence in the use of visual and audible signals commonly employed with the haulage sector.

Course Content

Our 1/2 day Banksman / Traffic Marshall course looks at:

  • The legislation underpinning health and safety with regard to the manoeuvring of vehicles and plant machinery

  • Look at the issues that can present themselves including the environment and the places we work

  • Common hazards, dynamic risk assessments and how to deal with potential risk

  • Discussion about the movement of vehicles on the public highway, arrivals at site or departure

  • A look at the tools, equipment and PPE 

  • Best practice adopted by other sectors

  • Practical demonstration followed by instructional assessments

Both theory and practical course content is delivered by our experienced qualified instructors, at your place of work, using your vehicles for practical demonstration and instructional training.

Prices start at £252.00 + VAT per session, suitable for 4 to 6 candidates.

If you would like further information, or book dates then please feel free to contact us for more information

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