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Introduction To Road Haulage

For Aspiring Transport Managers or Operators



Regardless of the motivation for many, the desire to start their own haulage firm, own their own trucks and be their own boss is a strong motivator for many.

There is a roughish excitement to being "the boss" and parking your hardware in the yard, but this industry is fraught with issues, has many regulations and requirements and is an expensive game to get wrong.

So here we have put together a small subset of lessons from our Transport Manager's course for aspiring transport managers and/or operators giving you a little glimpse into some of the issues you are likely to face when initiating the first few steps into this sector. This includes some of the legal issues you are going to have to face before a wheel turns, and more importantly before some of the hard earned cash comes back into your bank account

Course Content

This course is a pure online course only, providing the candidate with 8 modules and support lessons looking at some of the key issues that need to be addressed before investing in a haulage business. 

The course looks at:

  • Operator licencing

  • The role of the Transport Manager

  • Vehicles

  • Driver licencing

  • Driver's hours rules

  • Vehicle checks, PMIs and Annual Testing

  • Enforcment and the DVSA

  • The next steps to be taken

This course is currently being offered for free by Logistical Training, and a successful completion of the course entitles the certificate holder to a discount against their Road Haulage Transport Management CPC Online+ or Portal+ course.

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