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Introduction for HGV Drivers

For aspiring HGV drivers, a short look into the day to day work you'll be expected to do

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There is no doubt that the media frenzy over the past couple of years highlighting the Driver Shortage crisis has made the world of HGV trucking appear exciting with romantic notions of the open road and a carefree lifestyle!

But whilst many consider it a worthwhile career choice, anecdotal evidence points to up to 50% of newly qualified drivers leave the industry shortly after qualifying. And government's efforts to cajole the estimated 75,000 existing vocational licence holders back has done little to stem the ever increasing flow of drivers leaving the sector

Here, in this 21 hour on-line only course we look to help those considering joining us in the sector, how to start, what to spend, options and choices, and what to expect from a career that can certainly be rewarding, and will certainly be challenging.

Warts and all!

Course Content

This course is a pure online course only, providing the candidate with 21 hours of discussion styled training and support looking at some of the key issues that need to be considered by candidates. 

The course looks at:

  • Vocational licence acquisition

  • Policing and enforcement

  • Driving as a career choice

  • Driving challenges

  • Vehicles and the technology within them

  • What we have on the back of the vehicle

  • Everything a good driver needs to consider

This course is being run in conjunction with a number of training providers and government sponsored incentives. Please feel free to contact us for more information and a referral to a body that can pay for this course on your behalf.

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