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Transport Manager CPC Level 3 qualification

Remote Learning


Our Essentials Transport Manager CPC Level 3 is aimed at industry experienced candidates who want the freedom to study in their own time, can manage their own own learning program and who want to manage their learning themselves to gain their qualifications.

Candidates need to note that the DfT syllabus calls for an estimated Total Qualification Time (TQT) of some 140+ hours in order to gain this qualification so this option is best suited for candidates who have the drive and determination to progress with self-study.​

Candidates can "pick and choice" as to when they sit either examination from the 10 available slots per annum to be completed using our on-line CILT examination portal.

Essentials includes...

  • Comprehensive 600+ page student notes covering all the syllabus, broken into 30 modules sent direct by ParcelForce48 to a chosen address 

  • Access to our Essentials Portal course providing candidates with the required information to help them prepare for their examination.

  • Both Paper-01 Short Answer and paper-02 Case Study examinations to be completed on-line.

Additional Learner Support: we want all learners to have the best experience with us, therefore, if you require any additional learner support, please contact us for more information before booking to discuss your needs and options. This way we can ensure the best experience.

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