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Transport Manager CPC Level 3 qualification



One of the issues that is raised on occasion regarding training and qualification is that of "cost" for candidates who want to get their foot onto the first rung of their career ladder.

Where candidates would like to gain their qualification, but feel that time and cost are an issue, we at Logistical Training offer both the Online+ and Portal+ courses as a Subscription, allowing candidates to break the cost of their learning into more easily manageable payments over a 6 month subscription.

You will enjoy the benefits that either course has to offer, broken down over a time period allowing you the flexibility of controlling your study time without the large capital outlay needed to start in the first place.

Naturally terms and conditions apply to the offer.


  • You can choose whether to partake in the Portal+ or the Online+ course and gain the benefits that each course has to offer.

  • Comprehensive 600+ page student notes, delivered by Royal Mail in 6 sections covering the covering all the syllabus.  

  • Access to our learning Portal providing over 120+ videos, 200+ lessons, past papers, online quizzes and other tools, recommended reading documents, general information, background support, news features and more.

  • Both Paper-01 Short Answer and Paper-02 Case Study examinations EITHER on-line or at our examinations centre(s) once candidates have reached their 4th month of their subscription.

  • Where candidates are joining us for one of our Online+ course, you will be scheduled to join us at the 4th subscription month onwards. 

  • One year free e-Membership of the CILT

Additional Learner Support: we want all learners to have the best experience with us, therefore, if you require any additional learner support, please inform us when booking. This way we can ensure the best experience.

For more information and registration using our Subscription+ option, please contact us directly for a quotation and talk further about your options.

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