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Illegal Migrants: Govt proposes increase in fines

The government has proposed an increase in the maximum penalty for hauliers and drivers who are found to be carrying migrants from the current £2,000 per clandestine for both the driver and haulier.

The move, which would see changes to the existing Clandestine Entrant Civil Penalties scheme within Nationality and Borders Act, comes as the government has launched an industry consultation on proposals for tougher penalties.

The new penalties will be applied to hauliers and vehicle drivers who “fail to adequately secure their vehicle and conduct proper checks” – regardless of whether a clandestine entrant is found – the government has said.

Ahead of implementation, the government are seeking the views of drivers, companies and other interested parties on all the new measures.

The consultation will close on 12 September 2022.


To have your say on the matter, you can find the consultation here


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