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Local authorities about to receive new enforcement powers

With local authorities in England on the brink of being able to apply for powers to enforce yellow box junctions, the RAC is calling on the Government to improve its official design, maintenance and enforcement guidance to councils to avoid thousands of drivers being wrongly fined.

Councils will shortly be able to apply to enforce moving traffic offences, such as driving through 'no entry', 'no left' and 'no right' turn signs and stopping in yellow boxes which are used to prevent gridlock at junctions, from 1 June 2022. To date, only local authorities in London and Cardiff – and elsewhere the police – have had the power to issue penalty charge notices for these infringements.

With life on the road being challenging enough for HGV drivers, the added complication of over-zealous enforcement by councils may give rise to concerns of hauliers up and down the country.


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