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News from the coalface

A few interesting headlines coming from last week's Microlise Conference

We are a training company, not a news outlet, however there are times when we do have a few nuggets of interesting news float across our desk including a few of the following from last week's conference hosted by Microlise in Coventry.


Remote downloading, DVSA Enforcement

TLDR: DVSA are to start trialling remote download enforcement devices

During her speech at the Microlise Conference, the chief executive officer of the DVSA, Loveday Ryder quietly announced the trialling of 6 new remote download devices to be used by roadside enforcement officers.

These devices are to be trialled by various teams around the UK starting in the north of the country this week, a change in approach by the DVSA since previous announcements as far back as 2020.

When quizzed as to whether these will only be used for "assessment" purposes only the CEO wouldn't be drawn on the matter. She did however confirm that whilst these devices will be used for enforcement purposes they have no plans at present to integrate the devices into the DVSA's current OCRS strategy.


Delays at the OTC and CLO

TLDR: STC advises operators to use the INT1 requests due to continuing delays with the VOL at the CLO

Senior traffic Commissioner, Richard Turfitt presented a variety of challenges the OTC are currently facing as they come out of COVID restrictions and back up to full steam.

Whilst praising the efforts by the haulage sector over the past couple of years, he stated that a variety of issued are having a direct effect on the VOL and the CLO and is actively encouraging operators to get their interim licence requests in for new applications and major change requests. Currently new applications are taking 47 days to process to grant.


Traction Only Hauliers, Concern To The OTC

TLDR: The OTC are concerned about the number of traction only operators failing to meet their obligations with regards to the safety standards of the trailers owned by 3rd parties.

During his speech the STC also highlighted the concerns of the OCT involving the use of 3rd party trailers being drawn by traction only operators, and the poor maintenance being exercised by some operators who consider the trailer to be someone else's issue.

The STC then went on to remind operators that it is the responsibility of traction-only operators to provide themselves with “satisfactory levels of assurance” about the checks carried out by trailer owners, and reminding operators of their obligations as laid out in section 3.3 of the Guide To Maintaining Roadworthiness.

Traction operators would be expected to work with the trailer owners to ensure any trailers operated fall within the owner's agreed SI frequency and that they are roadworthy.

A copy of the guide can be found here from .GOV.UK

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