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Possible changes to the HGV Levy

The Government has published proposals to replace the suspended HGV Levy with an emissions-based charge, where some operators will see fees rise.

First introduced in 2014 to address issues with regards to road damage, the current proposals are swinging the primary role away towards environmental considerations, based on the vehicle's performance. The Department for Transport (DfT) suggests that, in this scenario, most operators would pay the same or less, with only a small number facing a higher amount of levy.

Any reformed levy would also simply be based on two criteria: the vehicle weight and pollutants (the EURO emissions class) and there would only be six levy bands (3 divided into 2 each). This would mark a change from the existing levy that has been based on vehicle type, the number of axles, vehicle weight and pollutants (Euro emissions class).



Older Vehicles

12 tonne to 31 tonne



31 tonne to 38 tonne



Over 38 tonne



The above is based on the powered units, where a drawbar combination is being used, and the GVW of the trailer exceeds 4 tonne then extra duty will be applicable.

The DfT has issued consultation documentation, seeking views for these proposals and the retention of the status quo. If the current levy rates were retained, then hauliers would pay what they paid before, whilst reform would mean them paying the same or less, with a small proportion potentially paying more.


Foreign Registered vehicles

TLDR: Apply only on primary routes and for days when the vehicle is moving

In a move away from the older HGV Levy the proposals also suggest they will apply the levy to to foreign vehicles when using the main carriageways such as A-roads and motorways, and that the levy is to apply to days (or parts of a day) when an HGV is being driven on the road, not when used or kept.


Resumption of the levy

TLDR: Gov't suspended the levy in August 2020, and will resume in August 2023

The consultation will be open until the 18th July, and the levy will resume in August 2023 whatever the outcome of the consultation.

For more information on the consultation, click here


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