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Course Details:

  • Start Date: Confirmation dates are agreed between the instructor and the candidate
  • Duration: 1 day On-line with MS-Teams
  • Code: TTR-001



  1. Course Dates are subject to change though rarely do, and only by consensus of candidates booked on the course.
  2. Dates marked in Red-Bold are delivered In-class and candidates are welcome to join us in the classroom if they would like to do so, though we would appreciate you advise us beforehand.
  3. Content on the day is subject to the candidate's request and we can cover whatever topics the candidate feels is necessary in preparation for their examination(s).


Course Summary


This one day Tutoring Day is available to candidates looking to sit their CILT Transport Manager Paper 01 - Multi-format and Paper 02 - Case Study papers and who have attended a Portal+ or Online+ course.


The day has no real structure, format or program, and instead follows the candidate, allowing them to work through the topics with advise, guiance and support from your instructor. 


This day is best suited for candidates who find some topics on the syllabus to be challenging or for seeking advise and guidance on examination preparation. The following are advised:


  • Have an idea as to topics you, as the candidate would like to cover
  • Think about the questions you would like to ask, or parts of the subject you would like to discuss
  • Agree the list of items you would like to cover when contacting us to book a tutoring day


Additional Learner Support: we want all learners to have the best experience with us. Therefore, if you require any additional learner support, please inform us when booking. This way we can ensure the best experience.


For candidates who wish to claim the VAT, the pricing works out as:
 - Training £126.87 + VAT at 20%

Transport Manager CPC Tutor Day

SKU: TUT-001
  • Your Online+ pack will include the following:

    • A full day with our trainer
    • Portal+ e-Learning acccount
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