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Yard Shunter

For operatives who move vehicles within our yards and other enclosed spaces

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For busy workplaces it is common practice within our industry to employ shunters to move vehicles for the purpose of loading or unloading within our work yards.

In order to do so safely and efficiently we always advise customers to consider appropriate training of staff employed to do so.

Our 1 Day or 2 Day Yard Shunter course gives candidates a good understanding of the role. This includes their responsibilities, the risks associated with the movement of vehicles as they are moved around the site, backed onto bays, parked in a safe manner, and are coupled/uncoupled correctly.

This training also acts as a great spring board for those employees looking to move on to gain their full vocational licence entitlements.

Please note: shunters not holding a vocational licence entitlement for the classification of vehicle they are operating can only perform their duties as a shunter in spaces not on the "public highway" as described in the Road Traffic Act 1988, s192

Course Content

Our 1 Day Yard Shunter for Rigid Vehicles course, suitable for 2 to 4 candidates looks at:

  • Vehicle familiarisation and pre-use inspections

  • Hand signals to be used for assisting drivers in manoeuvring vehicles.

  • Practice manoeuvring the vehicles onto loading bays or parking areas.

  • Safe parking procedures.

  • Health and safety.

The vehicle provided must meet the required standards in respect of PUWER: it should be suitable for the intended purpose and adequately maintained to ensure safety. A safe area of the yard should be designated for the training. All candidates require a B category licence to enrol on this course.

Where yard shunting requires the movements of articulated vehicles then we advise the 1 Day Yard Shunter course for 2 drivers (max) to include Couple/Uncouple procedures.

Prices start at £379.50 + VAT per session, suitable for 2 to 4 candidates.

If you would like further information, or book dates then please feel free to contact us for more information

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