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Introduction To Road Haulage

For Aspiring HGV Drivers

Long haul trucking


Recent news events have pointed to a shortage of HGV Drivers within the UK and abroad, though to be honest, if you've been working in this industry for any period, you've known this as a fact for some considerable time.

The age of an average Class 1 driver is now nearing 55 years of age and we, as an industry are struggling to attract fresh blood, be they younger, members of minorities or alternate genders into the sector and into the seat of an HGV.

Whilst there are many factors that may be attributable to the decline, be it pay, conditions, working hours, family provisions etc there is no doubt that practically every haulier across the country is struggling with recruitment.

Part of this issue may also lie with prospective employees, training centres, and the media as a whole "mis-selling" the industry. So we at Logistical Training, working with colleges in the capital have put together a 7 section "Introduction To HGV" course giving prospective learners a brief overview of the industry, some advise, and tips from experienced instructors, drivers and Transport Managers to help equip them with the necessary tools for the first day on the job as a newly qualified driver.

Course Content

This course is a pure online course only, providing the candidate with 7 modules and support lessons looking at some of the key issues that need to be addressed before investing in a vocational licence. 

The course looks at:

  • Facts and figures within the haulage industry

  • How to gain a vocational licence and step by step guide

  • Tips and Tricks whilst learning to drive an HGV

  • Career prospects within the industry

  • Types of loads we move and the types of vehicle we employ

  • Driving and HGV

This course is currently being offered for free by Logistical Training.

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